"This is a work in progress. Early census legislation only required the names of the heads of households, and therefore does not render a decent picture of who our early town residents were, or their relationships. In addition, the enumerator often wrote questionable spellings (often phonetic), making the job difficult. For example, the enumerator recorded a name as “Pechard” that turns out to be “Packard.” In addition, the spellings of the majority of surnames have undergone many variations and corruptions. This compilation attempts to utilize more modern equivalents. There will be blank spaces as many itinerant laborers, indentured servants, or apprentices would be included in a household, but would not show up in family genealogies.  They unfortunately remain anonymous to history. Since many states and jurisdictions did not record vital records until the mid-1800s, the information recorded herein is based on family Bible records, Church records, cemetery records, census enumerations, military and pension records, wills, deeds, as well as previously recorded genealogical data and information supplied by organizations and descendants throughout the United States and beyond. There will be inevitable discrepancies in dates of birth, marriages, and deaths, and there are likely family siblings who will not be able to be identified. Prior to 1850, the most difficult to name often are the daughters, whose identities and relationships can usually be established only through their maiden names, but can only be traced through their married names--if known. Thus there are many gaps in the female category. This project is dedicated to all researchers and genealogists with sincere appreciation for their Herculean efforts."   Dan Cole

The 1st Decennial Census of the United States: 1790 Federal Census for the Town of Charlotte, County of Chittenden, VT; the enumeration of households as of the First Monday [the 2nd] in August 1790 US Marshall for the District of Vermont: Lewis R. Morris, appointed 4 March 1791
© Compiled and edited by Daniel T. Cole
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