View from Mount Philo (1942)


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Early Charlotte Black History and We Revisit a Road Name

by Dan Cole, Charlotte Historical Society President

The area around the intersections of Guinea, Bingham Brook, and One Mile Roads has been primarily agricultural for over two hundred years. When the town’s first permanent settlers arrived in 1784, the original town center was established at the corner of Hinesburg, Church Hill, and Museum Roads, around a dependable spring, which is still there. While many of the wealthier settlers opted to build to the west toward Lake Champlain, others opted for the heavily forested acreage around Guinea Road. Click here for entire article

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In 1947, the Charlotte Vermont Historical Society and the Charlotte Memorial Museum were designated by the Town of Charlotte to be the caretakers and the historical repository of the town for the housing of suitable arts and crafts, implements of home and farm life, historical documents and photographs, and discarded archives of the town; and to use our resources for the purpose of creating a "Living Memorial" through community outreach, educational programs, and genealogical research.

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