On Being a Vermonter
and the
Rise and Fall of the Holmes Farm
1822 - 1923

David R. Holmes

"David R. Holmes has written a thoroughly researched study of the life of his family's farm in Vermont. The title tells the story... It follows the ups and downs of a family's farming history in scrupulous detail. He has a fierce attachment to Vermont, having happily returned to the state of his birth after years spent outside of the state." -- Madeleine Kunln, Governor of Vermont (1985 - 1991)
"This is a powerful story of the Holmes Family Farm covering many generations, but it is more than that. It is also a rich reflection on the essence of the "Vermont Character" and how it has defined the state and its people." -- - Roger Alhee. Vermont Secretary of Agriculture (2006-2010)

David Holmes is the author of an earlier book of Vermont history, "Stalking the Academic Communist: The Firing of Alex Novikoff", University Press of Ncw England, 1988. He has degrees from Middlebury College (BA), Columbia University (MA) and the University of Denver (Ph.D). He served in numerous universities and school leadership roles and wrote and spoke widely on education issues.

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